GE5C Spherical Bearing

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Spherical bearings for the Voron Trident bed assembly and GE5C Z-joint mods on the Voron 2.

Made by LS Bearings with a working temperature of upto 150c.

Please see below for further information and technical details.

In stock

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The use of GE5C and other spherical bearings is usually associated with high weight bearing materials, difficult installation, and high costs. Most of the time, maintenance is still necessary over the long-term, and the bearings are only corrosion-resistant in special designs. Often roller bearings or plain bearings malfunction prematurely due to high edge loads, or because they need to be elaborately readjusted, reamed, or refitted in order to compensate for alignment errors. LS Bearings Ge5C radial spherical bearings put an end to all of these disadvantages and open up many new possibilities for your engineering design: they are easy to handle, cost-effective, lightweight and robust.

Bearing construction comprises of an outer ring of carbon steel with bronze liner, Inner ring of carbon chromium steel, hardened, sliding surface treated with hard chromium plating for long life and minimal wear during operation. This allows for a much wider operating temperature range of -50c – +150c degrees.

Radial spherical bearings are frequently used for:

  • Compensation of misalignment and edge loads
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High vibration-dampening
  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • Suitable for rotating, oscillating and axial movements

When to use it?

  • For high axial and radial loads
  • When easy installation is required
  • In case of cramped installation space
  • If chemical resistance is required
  • If a cost-effective option is required
  • If you need dirt-resistant bearings
  • To adjust misalignments

Technical specifications:


Manufactured by LS bearings – a specialist in the manufacture of spherical bearings.

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