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We aim to take the guesswork out of buying 3D printer parts and components.

We love 3D printing because of the unique nature of open source design philosophy and there’s nothing better than printing from a machine you’ve brought to life - just like the Voron 3D printer.

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Voron 0

Voron 0 printer parts and components are now available! Shop now for the best selection of parts and components for your Voron 0 3D printer.

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Voron 0 FAQs

How does Voron 0 compare to other 3D printers?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 is a high performance CoreXY 3D printer in a very compact package that is truly a “desktop” printer. There are no sacrifices in performance compared to it’s larger Voron 2 and Trident big brothers. The tradeoff comes in the form of print volume as it has a 120x120x120 printable working area.

What are the benefits of using Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

With its enclosed build volume the Voron 0 can print a variety of materials. It’s small footprint allows it to fit on most compact spaces and desks without getting in the way. All while operating at very fast printing speeds due to its CoreXY kinematics design.

What are the disadvantages of Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

The main disadvantage of Voron 0 is its smaller build volume at 120x120x120.

Who is Voron 0 best suited for?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 is best suited for individuals who are looking for a high-quality, fast printer. It is ideal for rapid prototyping small/medium sized parts. Voron 0 is a premium printer with a small footprint.

What materials can Voron 0 print with?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 can print with a variety of materials, all the way from PLA to PETG/TPU/ABS and Nylons. With the appropriate hotend and hardened nozzle carbon/wood/glow in the dark filaments are also printable too.

Hardened Steel Nozzles can be found here:


Premium Tungsten Carbide Nozzles can be found here:


Does Voron 0 come with a warranty?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

All parts sold by Unique Prints come with a 1 year warranty. If you have a faulty part we will replace it immediately at no cost. Warranty does not cover incorrect assembly or user caused damage to parts.

Where can I purchase Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 is available for purchase on the Unique Prints website here:


What are the dimensions of Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 outer dimensions are 23 × 23 × 38 cm

How much does Voron 0 weigh?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 weighs approximately 7kg.

What is the print speed of Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 print speeds can reach 250mm/s at accelerations of upto 10k with the right filaments and slicing settings.

What is the noise level of Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 is a quiet machine that you can comfortable run in the same room while working or being on the phone.

Does Voron 0 have a heated bed?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 does have a heated bed and by extension a passively heated chamber which allows the printing of materials such as ABS and Nylons etc.

Does Voron 0 come with software?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Almost any Slicing program is compatible with the Voron 0. From Cura, Prusaslicer, Superslicer, Ideadmaker and others.

What is the layer height for Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Layer heights are adjustable and set in slicer, however the machine will have no problems printing whatever layer height you desire down to 0.05mm tall.

Does Voron 0 come assembled?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 does not come assembled and will require full assembly by the user.

What is included with Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Except for the printed parts and Raspberry Pi, the Voron 0 comes with all other components required for a complete and functional 3d printer.

What size spool of filament can Voron 0 accommodate?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 printed spool holder can accommodate a spool of filament up to 1kg. However with external spool holders any spool size is feasible.

How long does it take to assemble Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 takes approximately 20-40 hours to assemble on average

Can Voron 0 print with multiple colors?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 can only print with one color at a time by default however with additional modification projects such as the ERCF (Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder) multicolor printing is possible.

What is the price of Voron 0?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 is available for purchase on the Unique Prints website for $989.45.

Is Voron 0 difficult to set up?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 comes with a detailed documentation and assembly instructions provided by Voron Design and LDO located here:



Can Voron 0 be used for business purposes?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

If you are in the business of rapid prototyping small parts a Voron 0 can absolutely be a useful and capable addition to your business.

What is the Voron 0 community like?2022-12-06T18:39:05+11:00

Voron 0 has a vibrant community that is passionate about 3D printing. The Voron 0 community is supportive and always willing to help with any questions or concerns you may have. The Voron Design discord server is always the most active place for community discussion / participation and you can find it here: