Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit SS304

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Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit.

All bolts manufactured from Grade A2, 304 Stainless Steel.

Packaged in a 20 compartment rigid plastic organiser.

Please read below for more detailed information on kit contents.

120x Misumi HNTAJ5-3 M3 Tnuts - $110 × 120

70x Misumi HNTAJ5-5 M5 Tnuts - $65 × 70

Earn up to 363 Unique Coins.

In stock


Voron 2.4 Fastener Kit.

All bolts manufactured from Grade A2, 304 Stainless Steel.

Nuts and washers are Class 8 with zinc plating

What you get in the kit:

Item Required: Included:
M5x40 SHCS 22 25
M5x30 BHCS 22 25
M5x16 BHCS 27 37
M5x10 BHCS 40 55
M5 Hexnut 26 40
M5 1mm Spacer 42 50
M4x6 BHCS 4 6
M4 Knurled Nut 4 4
M3x8 SHCS 217 235
M3x6 BHCS 6 8
M3x40 SHCS 28 35
M3x30 SHCS 25 30
M3x20 SHCS 29 30
M3x16 SHCS 14 25
M3x12 SHCS 23 30
M3 Washer 2 12
M3 Threaded Insert 90 95
M3 Hexnut 7 20
M2x10 Self Tapping screws 10 20
M3 T-nuts (hammerhead) 47 50
6x3mm Round Magnets 8 12

What’s NOT included in the kit:

M5 T-nuts

M3 T-nuts

All component quantities are taken from the Voron Design configurator. As development is ongoing please be sure to compare all item quantities here first:

Kit contents upto date as of 22/5/2020.

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    shaneshort (verified owner)

    I got this as a “top-up” of all my spare screws/bits after building a few printers. The quality of all the fixings are excellent, the tub is isn’t one of those cheap ones that crack the second you look at them and the labeling on the inside of the tub is clear and obvious.

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