Voron 2 Full Motor Kit

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2x 0.9 degree 40mm 2A motors for X and Y axis
1x 1.8 degree 20mm 1A slim pancake motor for the afterburner toolhead.
4x 1.8 degree 48mm 2A motors for each corner of the Z axis

X, Y and E motors are high temp, 180c insulation class.

Please see below for further information and technical specifications for each of the motors.

In stock



4x Z Motors: LDO-42STH48-2004AC(VRN)
2x AB Motors: LDO-42STH40-2004MAH
1x Extruder Motor: LDO-42STH20-1004ASH

X, Y and Extruder motors are high temp, 180c insulation class.

Specifications and technical details

Z Motors: LDO-42STH48-2004AC(VRN)
LDO 42STH48 2004ACVRN RevA technical datasheet

AB Motors: LDO-42STH40-2004MAH
HT LDO 42STH40 2004MAH VRN RevA technical datasheet

Extruder Motor: LDO-42STH20-1004ASH
LDO 42STH20 1004ASHVRN RevA technical datasheet

Additional information

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    Dan Burns (verified owner)

    Swapped out my random formbot kit motors with these and they’re great, worth the purchase.

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