Voron Galileo Extruder Kit by LDO

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This product has been superceded by the Galileo2 G2E Extruder kit here:

This is a component and parts kit for the Voron Galileo Extruder. A high precision, light weight, direct drive, planetary extruder system designed as a drop in replacement for the Voron Afterburner modular toolhead system.

A design originally by Lorincz Robert and adapted to the Voron Design project by JaredCO1.

Please see below for kit contents, assembly instructions and motor technical datasheet.

Printable parts and further details for the Afterburner Clockwork assembly can be found here:

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What’s included:

  • LDO 36STH20-1004AHG High Temp pancake stepper motor
  • Genuine Bondtech 8mm BMG gearset w/ setscrew and shaft
  • Machined aluminium carrier shaft
  • Injection moulded planetary gears and ring gear housing
  • 12x M3 brass threaded inserts
  • 3x MR95-2RS Bearing
  • 2x MR148-2RS Bearing
  • Fastener:
    • 2x M3x30mm SHCS
    • 2x M3x25mm SHCS
    • 2x M3x20mm SHCS
    • 1x M3x14mm SHCS
    • 1x M3x8mm SHCS

Detailed assembly instructions provided by JaredCO1 can be found on youtube:

Motor specifications and technical datasheet:


Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg

Example Klipper Config


  • step_pin: P0.1
  • dir_pin: P0.0
  • enable_pin: !P0.10
  • rotation_distance: 34.37086
  • gear_ratio: 7.5:1
  • microsteps: 16
  • full_steps_per_rotation: 200
  • nozzle_diameter: 0.400
  • filament_diameter: 1.75
  • heater_pin: P2.7
  • sensor_type: ATC Semitec 104GT-2
  • sensor_pin: P0.24
  • min_temp: 10
  • max_temp: 295
  • max_power: 1.0
  • min_extrude_temp: 170
  • max_extrude_only_distance: 150.0
  • pressure_advance: 0.00
  • pressure_advance_smooth_time: 0.040

[tmc2209 extruder]

  • uart_pin: P1.1
  • interpolate: false
  • run_current: 0.330
  • sense_resistor: 0.110
  • stealthchop_threshold: 0


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