PiCAN – USB to CAN Adaptor for Klipper

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PiCAN is an open-source STM32F072 based USB to CAN bus adapter, shaped like a USB drive. This form factor saves space and simplifies wiring inside your 3D printer.

Developed for use with Klipper by Xbst.

Each purchase directly supports the continued development of this and other projects.

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In stock

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The PiCAN is a compact, USB drive shaped USB to CAN bus adapter, primarily intended for 3D printers running Klipper firmware.

PiCAN is an alternative to other USB to CANbus adapters such as the BTT U2C designed to be as compact as possible for use in machines where space is limited. eg. Voron 0 etc.

Instructions – Firmware:

  1. Download the firmware.
  2. Connect the PiCAN to your PC while holding down the BOOT button on the PiCAN.
  3. Download and install STM32Cube Programmer. (Do not download the latest version, it is buggy)
  4. Select USB on the selector in top right of the program (below Not connected). Click the refresh button next to the port selector. Select USB1 and click connect.
  5. Click + next to Device Memory, and select Open File. Select the downloaded firmware file. Click Download. Firmware will be flashed.

For Klipper CAN instructions, follow the official Klipper docs.

Make sure your Raspberry Pi and your CAN devices have the GNDs connected. If they are powered from the same source, they should already be connected. If unsure use your multimeter’s continuity mode to test.

For more information and printable files please visit the official Github repository here:


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