V1/V2/VT Silicone Bed Heater Mat by Fermio Labs – 340x340mm

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These silicone bed heater mats were custom designed by Fermio Labs and made to spec by Keenovo.

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These silicone heatmats were custom designed by Fermio Labs and made to spec by Keenovo.

All heaters are optimized for Fermio Universal Build Plate shapes and hole positions. They allow even heating almost all the way to the edges of the build plate.

The power is adjusted to allow running them at 100% power without risking damage to the build plate instead of the 50%-80% PWM limit recommended for the standard heaters listed on the Voron bill of materials.

The standard DIN466 thumb nuts used in all Voron printers used as spacers (VORON2) or levelling nuts (Trident, VORON0 and VORON1) can be used as guides to align the heater.

For added safety all heaters come with a self resetting bi-metal 150C thermostat. This turns off the heater if temperatures reaches 150 C due to technical failure of your electronics (only meant as a safety feature, not for temperature regulation).

Thermistor used is a NTC 100K thermistor (Beta 25/50 3950K-1%, click here for the R-T datasheet)

Choose type 11 or 13 in Marlin firmware. Use “Generic 3950” in Klipper.

SKU/Model Compatibility Dimensions Voltage Watt Ampere Thermostat
FLG-VRN-KNV-110 VORON0 110 x 110 mm 24 V/DC 60 W 2.5 A 150° C
FLG-VRN-KNV-240 Trident, VORON1, VORON2 240 x 240 mm 230 V/AC 300 W 1.3 A 150° C
FLG-VRN-KNV-290 Trident, VORON1, VORON2 290 x 290 mm 230 V/AC 400 W 1.7 A 150° C
FLG-VRN-KNV-340 Trident, VORON2 340 x 340 mm 230 V/AC 500 W 2.1 A 150° C
Voltage: 230 V/AC
Voron / Model: Trident, VORON2 V2.4
Voron / Spec: 350

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 3 cm

110x110mm, 240x240mm, 290x290mm, 340x340mm


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