Titanium Gantry Backers – Voron – 250

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Titanium gantry backers suitable for both Voron 2 and Voron Trident 3D printers.

  • Laser cut
  • 3mm thickness

Includes 3 backers per package

  • 2x  Y axis
  • 1x X axis

Please choose your appropriate machine size.

Bolts are included.

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A good first layer is the foundation for any successful 3D printed part – unfortunately getting the perfect first layer gets more difficult as your build volume gets bigger and bigger.

Additionally there are numerous factors surrounding what can influence how well your first layer will be laid.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • flatness of your build plate, including the magnet and print surface.
  • extrusion profiles that make up the X and Y axis
  • accuracy and consistency of the probe used to level and mesh the bed (this applies to both inductive and microswitch style probes)
  • alignment and general assembly of the printer as a whole

These were thought to be the main factors influencing  first layer accuracy and consistency across the build surface until Voron community member whoppingpochard#2514 considered frame expansion as a result of heat as a possible factor aswell.

What followed was the following deep dive and investigation which can be found in detail on his github here:

The resulting findings showed that the heat generated in the chamber was significantly affecting first layer consistency due to frame expansion and bowing.

Gantry backers proved very effective in combating the various levels of expansion that would occur during varying ambient chamber temperatures.

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2 reviews for Titanium Gantry Backers – Voron – 250

  1. 748e0ea11116f99384de6352846e6057?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Avrom Wolf (verified owner)

    The fancy backer option. Definitely required on a Voron 2.4 and makes all the difference. Would be nice to just be able to get just Y backers given less of a need for the X with the MGN12 rail. But was glad to have an off the shelf option as I didn’t have the skills or equipment to make them myself. And it means my 350 2.4 is repeatedly producing <0.1 bed meshes, so first layers go down perfect, so well worth it

  2. 1ab8e705f9c2a3cc489b97fefb27aa64?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Michael Gao (verified owner)

    This is a have mod for Voron 2.4. stops extrusions from wrapping due to the linear rails expanding at a different rate to the aluminium extrusion it’s mounted to. these backers go on the opposite side of the linear rails to counteract the wrapping.

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