SuperGoop 3D Printer Adhesive – 150ml

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SuperGoop is a 3D printer adhesive solution to assist with 3d printing first layer adhesion and is effective with a wide variety of 3d printing materials.

Each purchase includes:

  • Supergoop applicator (50ml)
  • Refill pouch (100ml)

and directly supports the continued testing and development of the formulation by DrGetto of Australia’s ‘Makerbogan’ community.

Please see below for further instructions for use and additional information.

In stock

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Supergoop is the result of Australia’s “Makerbogan” community investigation into cheap and effective bed adhesive.

The goals were to meet or exceed the performance of common adhesives like hairspray and gluestick, and improve on the poor applicators of more expensive commercial products.

What began as ‘Ghettogoop’ – a simple PVP-VA co-polymer in spray bottles, developed into Supergoop, a versatile self-releasing PVP-PVoH solution that works with virtually all 3D printing polymers including PLA, ABS/ASA and nylons (PA).

Supergoop can even assist in printing super sticky filaments such as

  • PETG
  • TPU
  • Form Futura’s Titan X

and helping to release the parts without damaging build surfaces.

The Supergoop applicator pen is a significant improvement over dabbers and squirters and paint brushes as it:

  • provides an economical use of adhesive
  • allows for consistent adhesive application everytime
  • is also resistant to rough surfaces such as some powder-coated PEI flex plates


  • Press the pen down to allow adhesive to soak through the sponge tip and wipe across your print surface.
  • When applying Supergoop, use the thinnest of layers.
  • Applying too much adhesive is not a problem, but more is not better

Make sure to replace the cap after use otherwise if dried out, the sponge will need to be removed and soaked in alcohol.

A single application will be sufficient for, on average between 3-6 prints.

After printing, allow the bed to cool or remove build plates to cool. Parts will release easily around ~55C.
(For this reason, use 55-60C bed temp when printing with PLA).

To save adhesive, Supergoop can be redistributed on the plate with water as needed. A wet sponge is best for this.

Cleaning with alcohol after every print is no longer required and can result in excessive adhesion

Filament specific notes:

Supergoop sticks best at bed temperatures in excess of 55C.

  • ABS/ASA – Ensure parts cool to avoid excessive stress marks.
  • PLA – Ensure adequate bed temperature (55-60c)
  • Unfilled Nylon and Polycarbonate – Best printed on smooth surfaces (PEI, G10, glass etc) to maximize adhesion.
  • Filled Nylon and Polycarbonate – No special requirements.
  • PETG/TPU/TitanX etc – Supergoop may be useful as a release agent but may not be required at all. Accurate first layer Z height calibration is most important here to insure the first layer is not over squished.


  • Unscrew the sponge end of the applicator rather than the handle end cap so that you can stand the pen up. Note the thread is reverse from usual, e.g. lefty-tighty, righty-loosy.
  • Remove the spring valve, squeeze adhesive from the refill into the pen until it reaches the plastic threads, then replace the valve and cap.
  • The refill pouch is sufficient to recharge the pen twice.

Post print white marks

White marks can sometimes appear on the bottom of prints. These generally have two causes:

  1. adhesive has been transferred from the print surface to the printed part
  2. plastic stress – generally more common with ABS and ASA.

Excessive white marks are usually due to adding too much adhesive and/or removing parts when they are still too hot and still stuck to the print surface.

Marks can be removed by rubbing with water or applying heat with a heatgun which will rapidly clears both types of marks.

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    keerthi kothapally (verified owner)

    works a great with nylon, The applicator is a lot better and robust than magigoo’s thin sponge

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