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We aim to take the guesswork out of buying 3D printer parts and components.

We love 3D printing because of the unique nature of open source design philosophy and there’s nothing better than printing from a machine you’ve brought to life - just like the Voron 3D printer.

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  • The IWISS 2820M features:
    • Ultra-precise crimper ensures excellent and accurate crimps.
    • Double-hinge mechanism that keeps the jaws parallel for a straight crimping engagement.
    • IWS-2820M does many mini micro size U-barrel or stamped style terminals from AWG 28-20(0.08-0.5mm2).
    • The package has detailed operation instructions, diagrams and applicable table for scan.
    Please see below for further information and technical specifications
  • IWISS HSC8 6-4 features:
    • Ergonomic Handle Design: Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool, engineering plastic double control plastic grip handle in accordance with human body mechanics design. Grip comfortable, durable anti-skid.
    • Crimping Range: For insulated and uninsulated sleeve terminals, wire ferrule & end sleeves. This tool makes short work of terminals and connectors for electricians, contractors and builders.
    • Self Adjustable Crimper Plier Tool: According to the requirements of the terminal, it automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate diameter for stripping, easy to operate.
    Please see below for further information and technical specifications