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When it comes to  3D printing and accessories, there is a myriad of different situations that need to be addressed, from the basic printing kit, down to screws, lubricants, mechanical keyboards, spring switches, and a whole host of different integrated and moving parts, and getting the right tools for the job can often be a bit of a headache if you don’t know where to start in the wide world of 3D printing.

One of the most important parts of any 3D Printing kit is a quality lubricant that you can rely on to oil your systems effectively and give you the peace of mind you need when you’re setting out on a project, today we’re going to have a look at what we consider to be the best one of the best high-performance lubricants that come from the krytox high-performance lubricants range and explain the pros and cons of this amazing lubricant.

Krytox 105 oil lubricant is a perfluoropolyether pfpe oil that was designed for the aerospace industry almost 30 years ago, since then it has been the industry standard and is now the industry standard in 3D Printing for its amazing, high-quality performance in applications with 3D printers and has garnered an amazing reputation for its general use from hobbyist to professional.

So, right now, you may be thinking to yourself, what is so important about oils and lubricants and why should I choose this specific brand over another?

Well, the answer is a two parter, lubricant and oils are essentially the lifeblood of the 3D printing kit, it is required to ensure smooth operation of numerous parts within a printing kit, the same way a car needs oil and petrol to operate effectively, 3D printing oils and lubricants are used to keep parts moving and to prevent damage from use and age as well as temperature changes and wear and tear.

Lubrication mainly results in a smoother transition but also helps to protect your parts from the general wear and tear that is a common occurrence with 3D printing kits, think of it as putting an extra layer of protection on parts, much like putting gloves on your hands will protect you that much more than just if it was bare.

But why should you specifically consider this oil?

Krytox 105 is a product of the chemours company, the chemours company is an American chemical company that creates high-quality, premium industrial applications that range from aerospace applications to the construction industry and has built an esteemed reputation among its peers.

Krytox 105 is a trademark of the chemours company and chemours and the chemours company.

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