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Quality 3D Printer parts and Lubricant Oils can be hard to come by, especially if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, and there’s also the inevitable desire for getting the most premium and high performance parts for your printer.

There can be a lot of guesswork when it comes to 3D printing and what parts to use, making sure the parts you get suit your printer setup, and can handle the extreme pressure and high temperatures ranges that are associated with them. You want to feel assured that all the parts –  right down to the nuts and bolts – are of the highest quality, protecting your Voron printer and works.

Essential Voron 3D Printer Parts

One of the most important aspects of 3D printing – some would say the most important – is properly maintaining and lubricating your printer. A 3D printer is essentially composed of numerous metal parts that are in motion for extended periods of time.

This of course leads to wear and tear and requires regular, quality maintenance such as lubrication, changing and meticulous cleaning of the various parts that make up your printer. For this, you want to have quality tools at your disposal for the job.

This can be daunting sometimes as there is so many parts out there that all have different purposes and may not be the best for your 3D Printer, performance lubricants such as Krytox (a trademark of the manufacturer Chemours) have a tried and tested advantage in the field as they’re made for 3D printers that undergo extreme workload in high pressure environments, however Krytox oils & lubricants are generally one of the best 3D printer lubricants ranging from the journeyman hobbyist to even being used on space shuttles and numerous aerospace machinery.

Where to buy Krytox & Voron

So, where do you get all these products without breaking the bank and without needing to research every small little part? Thankfully at Unique Prints, we’ve made it a philosophy to take the guesswork out of buying 3D printer parts and all its various components – so that you can feel assured that when you want to purchase a part from us, you’re confident they’re the best parts you can buy.

And while we’re proudly based in Australia, we ship globally for every customer that shops with us and all items in stock are shipped within 1 business day.

At Unique Prints we have an extensive range of printer parts from general-purpose, oils and greases, performance lubricants, nuts and washers, and numerous Krytox lubricants, Krytox oils, and Krytox grease as well as numerous other high-performance parts that meet even extreme conditions.

For more information, or to view our wide range of 3D Printing parts and components, feel free to visit us at or to have a chat with us for any and all questions you may have with our chat support when you enter the site.

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When we bought our first off the shelf 3D Printer in 2019, like many others, it wasn’t without its shortfalls. While being a great machine to begin our 3D printing journey on, it required immediate fixes and several replacement parts to be its best. Then we discovered the Voron!… A do-it-yourself, source-it-yourself, spaceship of a printer designed by the team at Voron Design for the hobbyist and enthusiast. Learn More