Voron Carbon Fiber X Gantry – 380mm

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Light weight carbon fiber X gantry replacement for Voron 2 & Trident.

  • Much lighter than aluminium extrusion
  • Suits MGN12
  • Rigid 2mm wall design
  • includes mounting/installation hardware

Please choose the appropriate length tube for your machine and/or see below for more information and technical specifications.

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In stock


This carbon fiber x gantry replacement was developed after testing and trialing some of the carbon fiber gantry replacement options available in market.


  • 250 spec machine = 330mm length
  • 300 spec machine = 380mm length
  • 350 spec machine = 430mm length


  • much lighter than the aluminium counterpart
    Alu X CF X Weight Saved
    330mm 156g 66g 90g
    380mm 180g 78g 102g
    430mm 202g 86g 116g
  • drop in replacement on all existing spec Voron 2 and Voron Trident models (250 / 300 / 350)
  • adequate mounting holes for MGN12 linear rails
  • adequate access to all rail/top mounting screws / nuts
  • multiple mounting points for chains and alternative toolhead wiring solutions like Roadkill toolhead pcbs using flat/ribbon style cables
  • tested to an operating temperature of 90c

What’s included:

  • carbon fibre square tube
  • 10x M3 flanged and serrated hex nuts
  • 10x M5 flanged and serrated hex nuts
  • 2x 250mm length 5mm carbon rod – diameter tolerance of 4.96-4.99mm
    (for other weight saving projects / mods)
  • M3 5.5mm hex nut driver


Our tube uses the spec Voron mounting pattern / locations for the top and bottom M5 bolts as described in the manual assembly instructions for both Voron 2 and Voron Trident so there is no difference from standard gantry assembly.

The tube is also 2020 in dimension, matching the specced aluminium extrusion and compatible with the rail centering printed parts.

There are 2 changes from standard manual assembly:

1. Printed hex nut holders are needed and inserted into the square tube to secure and align the hex nuts for the incoming M5 bolts that attach the X gantry to the XY joints.

2. As the carbon gantry does not have slots or channels in the center of the faces, alternate XY joints are required to be printed that do not have locating notches that usually go into the slot of the aluminium extrusion. These are the stock XY joints with the locating notches removed.

For further modification and weight reduction in addition to the carbon fibre gantry. The pins mod is available here from Woki Leo.


Cutting carbon fiber releases dangerous and harmful particles when cut. Please be aware and take the necessary precautions.

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330mm, 380mm, 430mm


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