DropEffect XG Hotend


DropEffect XG Hotend

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XG Hotend is an assembled hotend for 3D printers from DropEffect, which is lightweight and high performance.

  • Very sharp temperature gradient
  • Light, smart and efficient
  • One-handed nozzle changes
  • All-metal architecture
  • Multiple mounting systems
  • Optimised nozzle geometry

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Super Machine Adaptability

XG hotend offers a variety of mounting options to fit your 3D printer.

Super Modification Expansion

The side of the frame is designed with a reserved interface that can be used to connect machines or install cooling fans, etc.

phaetus dropeffect xg hotend weight lightweight
Light Weight Design

To meet the high-speed printing XG hotend is overall lightweight designed, uses small and quiet 2510 fans, the total without cables weight is only 40g.

290°C Just 1 Minute

All common filaments. like PLA, PETG, ABS, PC and PA, can be printed with the XG Hotend as well as specialized engineering materials.

Using the Best Materials

The XG hotend is an all-metal hotend, using only the best materials for an optimal thermal performance.

One-Handed Nozzle Changes

The kinematic coupling efficiently minimizes the heat transfer and also enables one handed nozzle changes.

Extreme Temperature Gradient

Clear separation of tasks, the nozzle melts the filament and the heatbreak ensures a sharp temperature transition. This significantly reduces the chance of clogging compared to other hotends.


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