300mm CPC MR 12ML Linear Rail and Carriage

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  • Manufacturer: CPC
  • Linear guide rail length: 300mm
  • Linear guide block type: Long
  • Linear guide rail width: 12mm
  • Material: 440c SUS Stainless Steel
  • Functional grease / lubrication port
  • Suitable for:
    • Voron 2 – 250 spec
    • Voron Trident – 250 spec

Please see below for further information.

Only 1 left in stock

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CPC miniature linear guideway use a single rail cut to length with a single long block.

Highest (Z1) preload and normal (N) precision guarantees a tight / play-free and non-binding motion.

Unlike majority of the linear rails and guideways produced in China, CPC blocks feature a functional injection hole / grease port for lubrication that does not require removing the carriage block from the rail.

Grease ports are compatible with any lubricant filled syringe fitted with a blunt needle that is 18g and smaller.

Rails and blocks are paired and are NOT interchangeable – removing a carriage block from it’s rail will void warranty.

Lubricants containing Molybdenum or Graphite must not be used.


Our rails come preserved with oil so they are protected against the elements while in storage. This oil needs to be removed before usage, it is not a lubricant!


We recommend to lubricate the ball races and bearing balls with grease using, and cover the entire rail itself in a thin coat of grease to protect from oxidization.


Preload determines how tightly your carriage block is mated to your rail. Higher preload = tighter and stiffer carriage block on the rail. Our rails are assembled to Z1 preload. Your rails will be tight, this is normal and will break in with operation once installed.

Having a higher preload ensures lower vibration, noise and more precise movement. Resulting in better print quality.

Rails with carriage blocks that are exceptionally loose and slide under their own weight will generally also have wobble between the rail and carriage. This can and will translate to your prints.

440C SUS / Stainless Steel:

440c Stainless steel material properties include excellent strength, hardness, corrosion / rust and wear resistance.

As a result 440c stainless steel is commonly used for Ball Bearings and Races, Bushings, Cutlery, Chisels, Knife Blades, Pump Parts, Surgical Instruments, Valve Seats etc.

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    okonk (verified owner)

    Smoothest linear rail I’ve tried. Moves really nicely with no slop. High quality. Well worth the money, highly recommend.

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