CPC Linear Rail Lubricating Grease Syringe 10ml

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General purpose lubricating grease prefilled into a 10ml syringe and needle combo.

Made by CPC – manufacturers of high quality linear rails intended for use with linear rails and motion components.

If being used in conjunction with our Fermio Linear Rails the grease can be applied directly through the carriage grease ports.

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Sufficiently lubricating your linear rails and guides is critical and will:

  • Reduce friction
  • Reduce wear
  • Reduce oxidation
  • Dissipate heat and increase service life

CPC Linear Rail Lubricating Grease Syringe


  • The linear guide must be lubricated for protection before first time use. Contaminants of any kind, weather liquid or solid, should be avoided.
  • The runner block should be moved back and forth during lubrication.
  • The lubricant can be injected into the lubrication holes on either end of the runner block / carriage.
  • A thin layer of observable lubricant should be maintained on the surface of the rail.


  • Must be completed before contamination or discoloration of the existing lubricant occurs.
  • The re-lubrication interval must be shortened if the travel stroke is <2 or >15 times the length of the steel body of the runner block.

The re-lubrication interval depends on individual use, as the speed, load, stroke length and operating environment are all factors. Careful observation of rails and blocks is the basis to determine the optimal re-lubrication interval; as a rule of thumb, re-lubricate at least once per year. Do not apply water-based coolant liquid on the linear rails or slide and inject lubricant through injection holes on both ends of the runner block with the supplied cpc injector.

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