APUS Extruder by Phaetus

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The APUS Extruder by Phaetus is an all new extrusion system designed to be powerful, lightweight and versatile with multiple mounting options and support for a large variety of hotends available on the market.

Featuring an all metal construction that serves to both enhance rigidity as well as improving heat dissipation for the extruder motor.

Please see below for further information, user instructions and technical specifications.

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This is a high-end extruder for industrial filaments.

  • Filament size: 1.75mm
  • Product Size (mm): 67*64*42
  • Product Net Weight: 155g
  • Product Appearance: Blue

Compatible with all thermoplastic filaments including but not limited to:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • PP
  • PC
  • PA
  • PEEK
  • PEI

As well as typical composite fibre filaments such as:

  • PLA-CF
  • ABS-CF
  • PA-CF/GF

Composite filaments such as steel, wood, boron carbide, tungsten and fluorescence materials can be processed by the extruder as well.


Easy maintenance by removing only three screws

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Quick swap system

The standard hotend attachment is compatible with hotends from Phaetus & DropEffect.

The hotend attachment can be redesigned and 3D printed to fit a multitude of hotends on the market.

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Small Nema 14 stepper motor

Rated Current: 1.0 A.

Holding Torque: 0.12 Nm

Temperature Rise: Less Than 55℃

Max Operating Temperature: 130℃

Weight: 85g

155g light weight all metal design

155g light weight design of the aluminium frame ensures heat dissipation of the stepper motor.

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Optimized RNC Dual Drive Gears

Whole Hardness: HRC58+ RNC

Coating Hardness: HV3300

Polished Surface Area Dual Drive

Gears For A Stable Extrusion

6.3 : 1 Gear ratio

6.3 : 1 Gear ratio to ensure high torque

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Manual wheel design for easy filament loading and unloading

Easy loading and unloading of filament using the manual wheel

Aluminum frame

High rigidity

Aluminium gear

Ensure efficient torque transfer

Hardened Steel Dual Drive gear

Excellent grip and wear resistance

Aluminium Idler arm

Ensure good gear contact

Aluminium filament guide

High wear resistance

APUS Extruder by Phaetus
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Accessories List

  • Motor Extension Cable -5cm(Molex Micro Fit 3.0-DuPont TJC8-4)
  • Motor Extension Cable -5cm(Molex Micro Fit 3.0-JSTXHP-4)
  • H2.0 Hex Key
  • H2.5 Hex Key
  • Button Head Socket Cap Screw M3x12
  • Cup Head Screw M2.5×12

Assembly Steps

e5bb4397 apus extruder assembly steps page 1

549866a9 apus extruder assembly steps page 2

a2adc74a apus extruder assembly steps page 3

2b745084 apus extruder assembly steps page 4

d07e1eab apus extruder assembly steps page 5

1276c51a apus extruder assembly steps page 6

6abfe699 apus extruder assembly steps page 7

19f314e3 apus extruder assembly steps page 8

71b6d2bb apus extruder assembly steps page 9

Product Wireframes

b9770961 apus wireframes

Product Model

Product Adaptor Models


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