Printer Bed Connector Kit

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This printer bed connector kit allows you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect your printers heated bed assembly.

Includes all connectors and pins required.

Please see below for further information.

In stock

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Conventional wiring of 3D printer bed assemblies generally involves wiring your 3D printer bed heater, thermistor and bed earth wires directly to the MCU, SSR and GND terminals. While this isn’t inherently problematic it does create more difficulty if the heated bed needs to be removed later for any reason.

If bed removal is required, oftentimes the machine may need to be lifted or flipped to access the relevant wiring or connection points. Cable management will likely be disturbed and require re-managing when the bed is reinstalled. This becomes more difficult, cumbersome and time consuming with larger and heavier machines.

An approach that members of the community have taken deal with the difficulties created with direct bed heater wiring is to use Wago connectors mounted underneath and behind the heated bed.

Example community mods can be found here:

1. Wago_Mounts – by community member “Boingomw”
2. v2_bed_wagos – by community member “DFH”

While these mods do make the bed removable without having to flip the machine or disturb cable management below deck, they:

– require the use of excessive and unnecessary amount of terminal blocks, fasteners and tnuts
– leaves bare wire exposed anytime the bed is removed
– requires more attention to detail to reconnect, making sure that correct wires are connected to correct terminal blocks
– are simply awkward to reconnect

This connector kit allows the user to quickly disconnect and reconnect the bed heater, thermistor and earth wiring as well as provide more convenient and neater cable management with just 2 connectors. There is also no risk of connecting incorrect wires together as the 2 connectors are different and incompatible.

The bed then can be removed at any point for service, repair, maintenance or more convenient transport of the machine.


Example Voron bed heater, thermistor and earth wiring fitted with the printer bed connector kit.


Example Voron 2.4 bed heater, thermistor and earth wiring fitted with the printer bed connector kit.


Example Voron Trident bed heater , thermistor and earth wiring fitted with the printer bed connector kit.

Printer bed connector kit includes:

  • 1x Molex MLX 50-84-2030 connector
  • 1x Molex MLX 50-84-1030 connector
  • 5x Molex 02-08-2004 male terminal pin
  • 5x Molex 02-08-1002 male terminal pin


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