Voron V0 Frame Kit with Kirigami Bed Mount – Space Grey – by Fermio Labs

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Complete Voron 0 frame kit with upgraded Kirigami bed mounting assembly.

Anodized and sandblasted in Black / Red / Blue / Space Grey colors.

Please see below for more information and technical specifications.

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Only 1 left in stock

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This is a custom made Voron 0 / Voron 0.1 frame kit with the Kirigami bed mounting assembly designed by Christopher Müller.

Frame Kit:

  • 3mm wide t-slot width and compatible with MakerBeam T-Slot Nuts
  • M3 size tapped threads
  • 0.5mm thread pitch
  • 10mm thread depth

All frame extrusions are sand-blasted and anodized after machining for a clean, matte appearance.

Extrusion length included – 120spec sized:

6 pcs/kit FLG-AKP-1515-200
4 pcs/kit FLG-AKP-1515-200-LCH-75-RCH-75
2 pcs/kit FLG-AKP-1515-200-LCH-75-RCP-75
4 pcs/kit FLG-AKP-1515-200-LCH-295


  • LCH75: horizontal through holes with 7.5 mm distance from left end face
  • LCH295: horizontal through holes with 29.5 mm distance from left end face
  • RCH75: horizontal through holes with 7.5 mm distance from right end face
  • RCP75: crisscross through holes with 7.5 mm distance from right end face

Note: the specced extrusions previously used for the bed assembly have been omitted and replaced with the Kirigami bed mounting assembly.

Kirigami Bed Mounting Assembly:

Designed to replace the entire build plate support assembly on a Voron 0 with a significantly more rigid and stiff solution. Bolts directly to the to the linear rail carriages used for Z movement and eliminates printed parts from the bed assembly completely. A common source of first layer issues as the printed parts can creep and flex under heat and or load.

Additionally, the Kirigami bed mount can house upto six WAGO 2 way terminal blocks to streamline the build plate and heater wiring while providing additional quickconnect and disconnect functionality.


  • 1 pcs. laser-cut, bend, sand-blasted and painted Kirigami
  • 8 pcs. M2 x 4mm button head screw (DIN912, CL12.9)
  • 6 pcs. WAGO 221-412 terminals

The Kirigami bed mounting assembly was originally created and designed by Christopher Müller.

Please visit the Github repository for Kirigami specific printed parts and stls.

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Weight 1 kg

Black, Red, Blue, Space Grey


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