UniquePrints DIY Kit vs. Formbot: Crafting Excellence in 3D Printing

In the realm of 3D printing, every detail matters. At UniquePrints, we understand this deeply. That’s why we’ve tailored our DIY Kits to offer something beyond the standard – something that speaks to the heart of true 3D printing enthusiasts. Let’s explore how our UniquePrints DIY Kit sets itself apart from Formbot.

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UniquePrints DIY Kit

Customization Meets Quality

Advanced, High-Quality Components
  • Exceptional Fasteners: We source our fasteners from leading manufacturers like Hobson Engineering and Brighton Best, ensuring the highest strength and durability.

  • Superior Rails: Our high preload rails with functional grease ports provide smoother operation and extended life.

  • Heat-Resistant Panels: We opt for 3mm ABS and Polycarbonate over acrylic, offering superior resistance to warping at elevated temperatures.

Innovative Heating and Safety Solutions
  • Efficient Bed Heater: Our heaters ensure broader coverage for quicker, more consistent heating.

  • Top-Tier Thermal Fuse: Reliability is paramount, and our German-made thermal fuses ensure it.

  • Robust Bed Magnet: Our Graviflex magnet, made in Germany, is designed for sustained high-temperature performance.

Electronics and Motion Expertise
  • Authentic Cooling Fans: We use genuine Sunon fans for dependable cooling.

  • Superior Tnuts: Our kits feature the advanced Misumi leaf spring Tnuts, surpassing standard options.

  • Elite Motion Components: Gates components for all belts and pulleys, and Misumi precision shafts exemplify our commitment to quality.


A Different Approach to 3D Printing

Standardized Kits for Broad Appeal
  • Formbot is known for its ready-to-assemble kits. They provide a comprehensive package that’s suitable for a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Focus on Convenience
  • Formbot kits often include pre-cut wiring and integrated components, aiming for ease of assembly and a more straightforward building experience.

Why UniquePrints Stands Out

Tailored for Performance and Precision

  • Flexible Component Options: With UniquePrints, you have the freedom to customize components, from the inductive probe to the stepper motor, tailoring your kit to your exact needs.

  • Continuous Innovation: Our kits evolve with the latest advancements in 3D printing technology, ensuring you’re always at the forefront.

Commitment to Exceptional Quality

  • Custom Tools: We provide a specialized hex wrench set from Eight Tool, made in Japan, for precise adjustments.

  • Recent Additions: Our latest Rev C kits include cutting-edge components like the Revo hotend and an advanced touchscreen.

Your Printing, Your Way

Choosing UniquePrints means selecting a journey of precision, quality, and customization. Unlike the broader approach of Formbot, our DIY Kit is for those who view 3D printing as a craft, demanding the best in every component and valuing the ability to tailor their machine to their exact specifications.


Join the UniquePrints Revolution

Embrace a 3D printing experience that’s as unique as your creations. With UniquePrints, you’re not just building a printer; you’re crafting a masterpiece. Step into a world where quality, precision, and customization converge – choose UniquePrints DIY Kit for your next 3D printing adventure.

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