Voron 2.4 Kit by UniquePrints

At DIY UniquePrints, we understand that every 3D printing enthusiast seeks quality, reliability, and exceptional performance. Our bespoke Voron 2.4 kits are designed not just to meet but exceed your expectations.

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Here’s how we stand out:

Unparalleled Quality Components

  • Fasteners: We only use top-grade fasteners from Hobson Engineering or Brighton Best, ensuring durability with our CL12.9 Black bolts.
  • Rails: Our rails are high preload with functional grease ports, offering smoother motion and better maintenance.
  • Panels: We choose 3mm ABS and Polycarbonate over acrylic. Why? To resist warping and withstand temperatures up to 120°C.

Linear Rails
Keenovo Silicone Heatmat by Fermio - 340x340mm

Advanced Heating and Safety Features

  • Bed Heater: Our heaters provide fuller coverage for faster, more even heating, eliminating the need for reduced power usage.

  • Thermal Fuse: German-made for enhanced safety.

  • Bed Magnet: Made in Germany, the Graviflex magnet is designed for continuous use at 120°C.

Superior Electronics and Motion Components

  • Toolhead Fans: We use genuine Sunon 5015 and 4010 for reliability.
  • Tnuts: Our kits include Misumi leaf spring Tnuts – a significant upgrade over standard ball spring nuts.
  • Motion Components: We trust Gates for pulleys/idlers and belts, with dcut shafts from Misumi.
  • Electronics: Genuine Wago terminal blocks and Omron inductive probe, coupled with a BTT Octopus Pro for unmatched performance.
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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Customization: Swap the standard Omron inductive probe with a Voron Tap upgrade kit – just leave a note in your order.
  • Additional Features: Our kit now includes a CW2 round pancake stepper motor, PT1000 temperature sensor, 60w 24v hotend heater cartridge, and more.
  • Exclusive Tools: Get a custom hex wrench set made in Japan by Eight Tool, tailored for your printing needs.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Updated Offerings: We continuously update our kits. The latest Rev C kits include a Revo hotend and an advanced touchscreen, available as add-ons.

Why Choose DIY UniquePrints?

While other suppliers offer components like Meanwell PSUs, LDO Frames, and Omron microswitches, we take it a step further with specialized components and thoughtful upgrades. Our kit doesn’t include pre-cut wiring or LEDs, but we make up for it with superior quality parts and unique enhancements that truly make a difference in your printing experience.


Ready to elevate your 3D printing?

Choose DIY UniquePrints for a kit that’s as unique as your prints. Explore our products and join a community of enthusiasts who settle for nothing but the best!

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