Voron Trident Linear Rail Kit by LDO – 350

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Voron Trident Linear Rail Kit by LDO – 350

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Voron Trident linear rail kit by LDO.

Includes all rails and carriages required for your choice of size.

Please select the appropriate size printer and see below for exact rail lengths.

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Includes the following linear rails depending on the size of the kit selected.

  • Voron Trident 250mm:
    • 1x LDO-SLR12H-1R-300Z0
    • 5x LDO-SLR9H-1R-300Z0
  • Voron Trident 300mm:
    • 1x LDO-SLR12H-1R-350Z0
    • 3x LDO-SLR9H-1R-300Z0
    • 2x LDO-SLR9H-1R-350Z0
  • Voron Triden 350mm:
    • 1x LDO-SLR12H-1R-400Z0
    • 3x LDO-SLR9H-1R-300Z0
    • 2x LDO-SLR9H-1R-400Z0

Rails are coated in packing oil and will need to be cleaned and lubricated prior to use.

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Weight 1.4 kg

250, 300, 350


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