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High Temp Voron Afterburner Hotend Mount

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High Temp Voron Afterburner Hotend Mount

$32.45 AUD$40.15 AUD inc GST

Printed mounting assembly for the Mosquito and Dragon hotends used in the Afterburner toolhead system for Voron 3D printers.

Printed in Polymaker’s PA6-CF – Carbon fibre filled Nylon to provide very high temperature resistance and rigidity.

Operating Temperature – upto 196c


These printed parts are temperature resistant alternative to ABS printed hotend parts.

A high enough printing temperature can create a high enough ambient temperature around the hotend heat block that can warp and deform the surrounding ABS parts. Specifically, the cooling ducts in the Voron Afterburner toolhead.

This is a consideration for the Dragon toolhead that will depend on how high of a temperature you will be printing at.

However with a Mosquito hotend and it’s wider heatblock, warping and deformation of the part cooling duct is almost certain.

This is where material with a higher temperature resistance becomes necessary.

These ducts are printed out of Polymaker PA6-CF, a carbon fibre filled Nylon with a temperature resistance of 196c and is extremely rigid.

Additional information

Hotend Mount

Afterburner – Dragon, Afterburner – Mosquito, Afterburner – V6, Stealthburner – Dragon


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