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Voron 2.4 DIY Kits By UniquePrints

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Australia Wide

Voron 2.4 DIY Kits By UniquePrints

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25th-30th November 2022

Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now!

Use the coupon code on the Voron kits below to save $100 off the purchase price and receive a bonus set of high-quality hex wrenches made in Japan by Eight Tool (worth $45) to help you build your Voron.

About Unique Prints Shop

When we bought our first off the shelf 3D Printer in 2019, like many others, it wasn't without its shortfalls. While being a great machine to begin our 3D printing journey on, it required immediate fixes and several replacement parts to be its best.

Then we discovered the Voron!... A do-it-yourself, source-it-yourself, spaceship of a printer designed by the team at Voron Design for the hobbyist and enthusiast.

While printing the required parts and combing through the required components to be purchased, we realised there was a gap in the market for 3D printer supplies in Australia.

And...Unique Prints was born!

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We aim to take the guesswork out of buying 3D printer parts and components

We love 3D printing because of the unique nature of Voron design philosophy and there's nothing better than printing from a machine you've brought to life.

Unique Prints get it because we've been there.

We understood the challenge should be in the build and dialling in that perfect print quality at warp speeds. It should not be in the headache of trying to find the quality parts and components - so we decided to do something about it.

Resourcing printer supplies from reputable suppliers within Australia and around the world - we aim to take the guesswork out of 3D printer parts and components for 3D Printer enthusiasts like ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website and be sure to reach out to us if we can help in any way!

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